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Over recent months the Village Hall trustees have been considering the future of the charity and its land. We are now asking for feedback from the residents of Steep to help make the best decision.

What’s Changed?

  • Sept 2020: Nursery School has closed after 35 Years due to staffing issues
  • 2019/2021 Pandemic
  • 2020/2021 legal fees
  • New village hall opens in Stroud (see frontage below)
  • Steep village hall in need of a refresh (Year of last makeover?)
  • Maintenance requirements increasing
Steep VIllage Hall
Stroud VH


The rolling average of Excess Income/Deficit from 2014-19 was as surplus of about £1250 per annum. The loss of the Nursery and then the Pandemic has cost nearly £5,000 and £16,000 for years ending 2020/21 and a predicted loss of about £7,000 to the end of the Financial Year.  Whilst manageable in the short term, we cannot allow this to continue.


  • One – Business as Usual
    • Hope bookings Increase
    • Increase Prices (the hall is cheaper than most)
    • Reduce Costs (Volunteers?)
    • Other
  •  Two – Village Hall Task Force 
    • Describe a “Vision”
    • Create a costed Business Plan
    • Balance Income with Community needs

(Note that Stroud have trustees, a management committee and a social committee)

  • Three – Parishioner Ideas
    • Over to you