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SWMVC Consultation – Thank youJim MacDonald – Chair SWMVC Trustees

I am hugely grateful to residents from across the village for taking the time to engage with the consultation regarding the village hall land. We have received almost one hundred responses in total and I am genuinely humbled by the care and effort that so many have taken to share their views fully. I am especially grateful to those who made the effort to meet in person to discuss the issues, either at the coffee cart, or at the open meeting. The process of analysis of the submissions is now underway.

About us


More commonly known as Steep Village Hall

28 Church Road, Steep, Petersfield GU32 2DN

Charity Commission Number – 241760

Charitable Objects

For the purposes of a club and place of physical and mental recreation and for educational purposes for the benefit of the inhabitants of the parish of Steep without distinction of sex or of political, religious or other opinion.

What the Charity Does:

  • General Charitable Purposes
  • Education/Training
  • Arts/Culture/Heritage/Science
  • Amateur Sport

Who the Charity Helps:

  • Children/Young People
  • Elderly/Old People
  • The General Public/Mankind

How the Charity Helps:

  • Provides
  • Buildings/Facilities/Open Space

Where the Charity Operates:

  • Hampshire

Steep Village

Steep Village Hall is a popular venue in the middle of Steep. It is a great place for classes, meetings, adult and kids’ parties and wedding/funeral receptions. Currently it is used by the Steep Film Society, the Welcome Club, Jamie West (guitar teacher), EMU Pilates classes, Tayana Yoga, the Christadelphians, and Reactivate Pilates.

You can also hire the Hall’s crockery, cutlery, tables and chairs for village functions and private parties.

The Trustees of Steep Village Hall are very pleased to see the hall being used again for limited activities in line with Government guidelines.

You can continue to get hot and cold drinks, soup and snacks from Alma’s mobile coffee cart in the car park on Saturdays from 10.00-4.00.

There is plenty of parking on site.

To book or just to have a chat about hiring the Hall, please contact the Clerk


Steep Parish Council is the Sole Managing Trustee of the Village Hall and as such the SWMVC and its premises are held in trust to be “held, used and enjoyed” in perpetuity under the terms of the trust deed. The premises are the Village hall and the land upon which it stands.

The SWMVC governing document is the Deed of Trust dated 31 December 1920 amended by schemes of the Charity Commissioners of 22 September 1936 and 17 October 1966.

The Aim of the SWMVC is that it should be used as a place of physical and mental recreation and for educational purposes for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Parish of Steep and the neighbouring community.

In meeting the Charity’s aim, the Management Committee’s objectives are:

a.   To provide the best possible facilities at an affordable cost for organisations serving the community and for individuals using the hall for recreational purposes.

b.   To manage the budget so that, as far as possible, the cost of day-to-day running of the hall and maintenance of buildings and grounds is met from income. In short, as far as possible, to make SWMVC self-sufficient.

Future Plans

The South Downs National Park Local Plan was adopted during 2019 and land to the rear of the Village Hall as well as the adjacent field (held by the Steep in Need Charity) has been incorporated within the settlement boundary of Steep, therefore making development possible for the site. SWMVC Trustees have therefore sought legal advice in respect of the potential sale of this modest proportion of its land. The sale has the possibility of yielding significant value to help with improvements to the hall and assuring its long-term viability. However, no commitments had been made as at February 2021 and the Trustees continue to consider the balance of risk and benefit arising from this situation.

Regular Hirers

Emu Pilates
Tayana Yoga
Steep Film Society
Jaimie West Guitar
Reactivate Pilates

If you want to become a Regular of One Off Hirer, please download and return the form below to the Clerk.